Get Claims Support When You Need It

  • If you are a client of one of our Broker partners, please contact your Broker directly to kick start your claim during their office hours. Your Broker is your Go-To! They will then connect you with your Nova Mutual Claims Adjuster.
  • If a Nova Mutual Agent looks after your Insurance needs, call 833.829.6682 to make a claim during office hours or call your Agent directly. Your Agent will then connect you with your Claims Adjuster.
  • If you need assistance outside office hours you can contact 1-877-488-6642.

What happens next?

Once you’ve spoken with your Agent or Broker, a Nova Mutual Insurance Claims Adjustment team member will contact you & work with you to:

  • take an in-depth statement
  • arrange a rental, if covered
  • decide where to send your vehicle for repairs
  • decide what happens next with your vehicle (i.e. repairs or reimbursement)

Most of all, we are here to work with you throughout your Claim process.