Michelle has been a part of the Mutual family since 2009.  She was a proud member of one of Nova Mutual’s legacy companies’ Board of Directors and has been a member of Nova Mutual’s board since inception in 2019. 

Prior to the amalgamation of Nova Mutual, Michelle developed experience in all aspects of Board Governance including chairing the Governance and Conduct Review Committee, the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and was a part of the Amalgamating Committee. Michelle has obtained both her OMIA Director Certification and the University of Waterloo’s Leadership Certification and continually engages in educational opportunities. 

Since amalgamation Michelle has served two years as Nova Mutual’s Board Chair. 

Michelle brings to the board table, leadership qualities that allow for open dialogue, inclusiveness, transparency, adaptability and a respectful environment. Her grass roots, fact based approach along with the use of common sense and preparedness sets the tone for the full board to follow.

Michelle is very community minded. So much so, she received the Rural Citizen of the Year Award for Hamilton Wentworth, which recognized her for all her contributions.  She is always ready to lend a helping hand, whether it is in the kitchen, in the field or in the office.

Michelle graduated from Mohawk College’s Business Administration Program in 1984. Michelle is part owner/operator of Roy-A-Lea Farms Ltd. with 40+ years of business experience as well as agricultural experience.  Michelle and her husband reside in the agricultural community of Binbrook on a Dairy Farm and Grain Operation. They have 3 awe-inspiring adult children, their wonderful spouses and 7 amazing grandchildren. Michelle very much enjoys going RVing, knitting and simply enjoying time with family.