Innovative solutions to reduce loss.

As your agribusiness grows, Nova Mutual Insurance is always looking for cutting-edge products and services to keep what is important to you safe. We’re excited to introduce our new AgriSafe Program, innovative solutions to prevent loss.

Through AgriSafe, we’re offering our members a variety of technology and devices designed to reduce the risk of devastating fire losses and keep your operations running smoothly and without disruption. These programs may also qualify you for a range of discounts, saving you money and helping to alleviate worry.

Fires can be devastating to your Farm or Greenhouse. According to, mechanical and electrical failure is the leading cause of barn fires, with approximately 40% of farm fires being classified as undetermined due to total loss. Nova Mutual Insurance is proud to announce 2 new strategic partnerships to keep your Agribusiness Safe.

We’ve partnered with Prevtech, an ally in reducing the risk of fire in your farm operations. Through this partnership, we’re offering our members an exclusive discount on the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball. This innovative product is the first self-activating handheld extinguishing device commercially available. It offers 24/7 fire fighting protection

PrevTech – Prevention at the Heart of Our Mission

PrevTech provides expertise, assistance, and prevention. Their electrical monitoring technology reduces the risk of fire in farm operations. This reduces unexpected operation downtime and optimizes your preventative maintenance efforts. Utilizing PrevTech ensures electrical safety best practices by providing you the tools to help follow the health of your electrical network. It puts the health of your farm’s electrical network right in the palm of your hand through your mobile phone.

PrevTech is now the exclusive Canadian distributer of ELIDE FIRE – Fire Extinguishing Balls.

Elide Fire - Automatic Extinguishing Ball

ELIDE FIRE – Fire Extinguishing Ball is the first self-activating handheld extinguishing device commercially available. Upon contact with a flame, the breaker activates, and the dry chemical is dispersed, covering a fire area of 4m2. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including farm machinery, electrical mechanical rooms, generator rooms, compressor rooms and more. It is simple to use and provides additional protection in the presence of fire, without requiring human intervention. Purchase yours today with our member exclusive discount code.

With Nova Mutual, you’re more than just a policy. We offer insurance protection built just for you and continue to seek out new and unique offerings to reduce loss. Contact your agent or broker today to learn more about added farm protections available through AgriSafe, and for your member exclusive discount code for Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls.

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