All about Mutual Insurance with John Taylor

Today on Uplift, we speak with the president of OMIA (Ontario Mutual Insurance Association), John Taylor, about mutual insurance. Learn how John went from growing up on a farm to becoming the president of OMIA. We’re also going to ask some important and challenging questions:

  • What makes mutual insurance different from standard insurance?
  • Why should we care about our insurance provider?
  • Do you think people care about their insurance provider? 
  • Do you believe there are common characteristics or values for people who might embrace a mutual?
  • Mutuals have been around for a long time – what are your future predictions for the mutual insurance industry?

This Uplift episode will uncover the differences between standard and mutual insurance. Why should we care about our insurance providers, and on that note, does the general public care? Mutual Insurance seems to attract like-minded individuals, and John will explain his perspective on the shared values and alignment of the industry and the members. 

Mutuals have been around for a long time, and concluding this episode of Uplift, John will share his future predictions for the Mutual Insurance industry. The only way to find out is to hit download and listen now!