Lisa Vercillo – Magenta Insurance Professionals

Sweet 16

At the beginning of our chat, Lisa mused “people don’t usually grow up saying ‘I wanna work in insurance’”. Insurance is an industry which welcomes people from seemingly unrelated backgrounds, differing experience levels and, in Lisa’s case, unexpected age groups.

As the story goes, Zurich Insurance was having a hard time finding employees who could pass their new aptitude tests. To find suitable candidates Zurich approached high school business department heads in London, ON for help. Each school they approached selected an applicant and submitted their names for consideration. Lisa was selected to take the test and participate in (what she thought was) a mock interview. Much to her surprise, Lisa received a call offering her, a 16-year-old high school student, a full-time job with Zurich Insurance! She laughed off the offer, explaining that a) she was still in high school and b) she was already registered to take the Real Estate and Urban Affairs course at Fanshawe College in the Fall.

The next day and Lisa is called to the Principal’s office – for the first time in her high school career! When she arrived the business department head, Guidance Counselor and Vice-Principal were all in attendance, urging her to take the job! So, she did.

Lisa spent a few years in commercial insurance at Zurich before she quit at the age of 18 to become a Real Estate Agent. After giving birth to her first daughter, Lisa found herself longing for work/life harmony, so she returned to her first love – insurance!

Why Magenta?

Common icons are found in brands across the insurance industry. Umbrellas, shields, locks, and hands are all used to convey protection, support, and comfort. When Lisa envisioned the logo for her company, she saw a magenta blanket, wrapping her clients in warmth and comfort. Since they primarily offer insurance solutions for childcare providers, the concept of a ‘security blanket’ just made sense.

No Niche Is Too Small If It’s Yours

Magenta Insurance Professionals can best be described as a niche insurance brokerage.

“Commercial insurance solutions for childcare, children’s education and children’s activities make up over 80% of what we do.”

Their expertise in this sector gives Magenta an edge, as they are dedicated to understanding the ever-changing regulatory challenges their clients face. This makes them a valuable resource when working on their clients insurance and risk management plans. Magenta is licensed in most provinces because they want to grow in these market segments.

Lisa and her team are always willing to work with other brokers, believing that working together is in the best interest of their clients. They also offer a digital solution for smaller, non-complex childcare operations, including in home childcare providers who work with a licensed agency, which can be challenging to place.

Oh, and did we mention that they aren’t afraid to ‘fight City Hall’ on their client’s behalf? In fact, a fight with City Hall is what started Lisa’s first insurance program in 1999.

We *Adore* Nova

When asked about Magenta’s relationship with Nova Mutual, Lisa shared a memory of Chief Empowerment Officer, Gary Anderson, driving from Jarvis to London to hand-deliver a Claims cheque.

She also sang the praises of our Chief Brand Officer, Gloria Field, who worked with Lisa to make magic for Magenta clients Chelsea Green Children’s Centre. Nova Mutual purchased lunch from Wich is Wich (another Magenta / Nova Mutual client) for the team at Chelsea Green who have been providing care for the children of essential healthcare workers throughout the pandemic.

And lastly, Lisa shared her appreciation for Nova Mutual providing ‘Graemazing’ sponsorship for the Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre fundraiser, Merry Gras, as the cause is near and dear to her heart.

“That is real community. I love that.”