Coach Kevin

“They enjoy coming to the rink. It’s fun to coach kids when they’re this enthused about playing the game.”

Loss Prevention Specialist by day, hockey coach by night! We recently caught up with Nova team member Kevin Smith where he can be found a lot these days… the local arena!

Kevin was involved with his children’s sports teams as they grew up, but now that they have moved away, he thought it was time to put himself back out there and get involved. He loves being part of a competing team and the fun and excitement that comes with it.

A hockey fan and player since his very young years, Coach Kevin remains passionate about the sport, and his competitive drive is still going strong! He dedicates over 100 hours per season, and at least 4 hours a week to his team. A huge commitment, but one that he is happy to do.

The thing he enjoys about coaching is teaching his team how to compete, giving them different ideas and things to learn and experience. Most importantly, it’s about respect. Respecting the other team, the referees, everyone involved is key.

We love to see our team getting involved and giving back, and proudly cheer on Coach Kevin and his team!

Team Nova, Community Engagement Program

We support our team to give back to the community in ways that are meaningful and impactful to them. Our engagement program allows our team members to volunteer for 21 hours (3 full days!) per year paid (and the ability to flex their working hours to volunteer on their own time beyond that). We encourage everyone on our team to arrange their schedule in a way that allows them to participate in events and activities that align with their passions.

When a team member volunteers for 40 hours, Nova donates $200 to a not-for-profit organization of their choice.

We encourage our staff to get out into the community and give back. So far, in 2023 we have 135 hours recorded, and 2 team members have already surpassed 40 hours, allowing them to make a donation to their not-for-profit of choice!

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight more amazing ways that our team is getting involved, and making a difference in the communities where we work, live and play! Until next time, let’s drop the puck and cheer Coach Kevin and his team to a big victory finishing out an amazing season!