Dan Scarrow: Removing the Roadblocks in your Process

How does your team communicate and stay connected? With a corporate culture change in the way we work, emphasizing remote-first – has your workplace evolved with modern forms of communication (Teams, Slack, Zoom, Skype)? Today on Uplift, we are talking to one of Nova Mutual’s top talents, Business Analyst Dan Scarrow about removing roadblocks in your workflow and the magic of modern-day communication.

“The older I get, the more experience I get; I realize there is no bad experience when it comes to working…experience will never hurt you.”

What is the role of a business analyst in the insurance space?

Dan explains that problem-solving and collaboration are the two crucial aspects of his role as a business analyst. Helping to ensure the team can function as smoothly as possible without technical roadblocks. Through collaboration and relationship building Dan and the IT team at Nova produce practical solutions.

“We’re here to help…to move the business forward, whatever that means”

Work culture has dramatically changed in the past few years; many companies are now remote-first. It’s always been a struggle to embrace authentic and meaningful communication in the workplace. Nova Mutual emphasizes authenticity in the workplace, understanding that you are essential and there is so much more to you than your job title describes. In this episode, Dan shares how he has embraced modern forms of communication to better his work-life and personal life.

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