Demystifying Expenses With Karen Howard

Demystifying Expenses with Karen Howard, Financial Operations Lead, Nova Mutual

Keeping track of our expenses can be terrifying - but it doesn't have to be!

Today Nova Mutual’s Financial Operations lead, Karen Howard, is joining us to demystify keeping track of the costs to do business. While we suggest you always talk to a tax professional, Karen will give you some tips to log your mileage, what you can claim when working at home, meals and entertainment and the secret to being better with your reporting.

“Are you a trustworthy person? Are you an honest person?

Don’t cheat on your taxes – it’s not going to get you very far.”

Meet Karen Howard:

Karen has a professional background in bookkeeping and management with a passion for uplifting the community through song. After spending 20 years successfully running her own business and five years leading a team, she is entering her 3rd year in the Mutual Insurance industry.

There’s always something different, something special that comes along that interests you and puts that spark in you to kind of want to go a little bit above and beyond to meet those needs of our policyholders.”