Director Snapshot: Christine Brutin

Vice-Chair Christine Brutin’s background includes administration, management, accounting and more. She joined Norfolk Mutual Insurance’s Board of Directors in 2014. When Wabisa and Norfolk merged in 2019, Christine was one of 5 women who served on the inaugural Board of Directors. She has also served as a Board Member of Pastel Artists Canada and the Capitol Arts Market in downtown Simcoe.

As a part of our Director Snapshot series, each Board Member is invited to identify a cause or initiative they are passionate about. From there, Nova connects with the organization to determine an appropriate and impactful contribution. We also work with the organization to amplify their message via our social media channels and website.

Combining her professional skills and artistic talents; Christine is currently the Treasurer for the Capitol Arts Market and a gifted contributor to the studio space. Unsurprisingly, when approached for a cause for Nova to support, Christine immediately suggested the Capitol Arts Market/Capitol Performance Group. In conversations with Christine and the CPG/CAM we found they were in desperate need of computer equipment.

“We are thrilled that Nova Mutual is donating two computers…They are sorely needed to create minutes, documents, general document organization, member communication as well as access to our website for updating as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are working on promoting sales through our new website.” ~ President of CPG/CAM Linda Campbell says

You can see some of the neat things going on in the studio online by visiting their website or via their Facebook page.