Director Snapshot: Ross Gowan

Farm Boy

Growing up on a farm just south of JarvisOntario, Ross has always had a strong connection to his community. When not spending time with their family (3 sons, daughters-in-law and 5 granddaughters), Ross and his wife Joyce fill their days by serving the community 

Double Duty

A former Business professor with Fanshawe College, Ross is the current Chair of the Board at Nova Mutual and our re-insurance company, Farm Mutual Re. He is also an active Rotary member and dedicates equal time to his church. Initially, Ross joined the Nova Mutual Board of Directors to learn more about the insurance industry. 34 years later (!) it’s clear that his business acumen and dedication to the community are part of his meaningful legacy and contributions to the company.

Aca-believe it!

When not chairing a meeting, or playing with his grandkids, Ross is quite the crooner! He sings a cappella with Sing-Capella Quartet Gentlemen of HarmonyThe pandemic has compelled these groups to get *a bit creative* when rehearsing. The silver lining is that we get to see shots of their weekly virtual rehearsals via social media! If you’re looking for a recommendation, this tune is one of our favourites.

(How many other Gentlemen of Harmony members do you know?  Hi Dr. Bill!) 


Just as it takes several parts to form harmony, there are quite a few pieces that make our Board so wonderfulAs a part of our Director Snapshot series, each Board Member is invited to select a cause which speaks to them for us to focus on. We then work together to ensure that our contribution is impactful and amplify their message.  

Ross has selected Church out Servinga faith-based care network representing several local churches and congregations whose focus is to “love our neighbours.” They do so by serving in practical ways and drawing the community together. Ross has been helping them over the past year with the construction of Riversyde 83, a new community hub. Throughout the pandemic, Ross also assisted with their food distribution program, delivering food baskets to 200 families weekly. 

Nova Mutual worked with the organizers at Church Out Serving/Riversyde 83 to determine how to best support their efforts. It was decided that Nova would purchase a commercial microwave and contribute funds for a new set of pots and pans. In the words of Eric Havercamp, Board Chair of Church out Serving“(we) so appreciate your generosity and confidence in the work we are doing in our community. We are just so very encouraged by people and businesses who intentionally decide to support us. 

You can follow their journey by visiting their website or via their Facebook page 

Written by Jessica Lymburner, Director of Strategic Partnerships