Earth Day 2023

This Earth Day, team Nova Mutual Insurance, is gathering to help clean up our communities. Everyone is pitching in, from our Agents, Underwriters, IT, Leadership, Brand and more. Earth Day allows us to respect and celebrate our communities, environment, and planet. Our team has been picking up garbage in Brantford, Cambridge, Tillsonburg and Waterford all week. 

"It's important to keep a litter-free environment and make sure we're looking after our community."

Do you know the history behind Earth Day?

Earth Day was first acknowledged on April 22nd, 1970, to bring awareness of the degradation of our environment. The first Earth Day inspired millions of Americans to take to the streets and parks as a demonstration to protect the planet. In 1990 Earth Day went global with 141 countries participating, including Canada, to put environmental issues at the forefront. Today, over 1 billion people shine a spotlight on the planet’s health on Earth Day.

Where Nova Mutual is cleaning up this Earth Day:

While team members are cleaning up in their neighbourhoods (Brantford, Cambridge, Simcoe, Tillsonburg, Waterford), Nova Mutual also focuses on some of our favourite community spaces.


Kinsmen Participark, Tillsonburg

In the heart of Tillsonburg, enjoy this 3.4km trail surrounded by trees, young and old, a gently flowing creek and multiple paths open to explore. With plenty of swings, garbage cans, and a flat gravel path, this is the perfect location to take the family or walk the dog.

Learn more about the greenspaces in Tillsonburg:


Lions Park and Deer Park, Waterford

Not far from the Waterford Ponds and surrounding walking trails you’ll find the unique and charming Deer Park, located just minutes north of downtown. This large fenced in property is home to dozens of deer that you can watch and even feed along the fence line. Across the street you can enjoy the Lions Park playground, gazebo, benches, and greenspace. These parks combined provide the perfect spot for a family outing.

Enjoy a great afternoon out:


Walter Gretzky Park, Brantford

In West Brantford, Walter Gretzky Park is fully accessible with 2 play structures, a soccer field and half-court basketball. On weekends you can catch community soccer tournaments and enjoy Cool-Off days from the Brantford Fire Department in the summer.

Explore more outdoor offerings:

"It's important to keep a litter-free environment and make sure we're looking after our community."

Thanks to everyone on the team who came together to make a big impact!