Elevate the Everyday with Dennis Horseradish

Canada’s Premium Small Batch Horseradish. 100% Canadian, Farm to Fork.

Today on our Member Uplift series, Mark Healy from Dennis’ Horseradish is chatting with us about growing, producing, and processing horseradish, right in the heart of Norfolk County. From his early beginnings as a small boy dreaming of horseradish… or more accurately to discovering a gem that could be grown. He chats about the ways in which they are growing, and the importance of keeping their roots in Norfolk.

“Use all natural ingredients, produce everything locally, make sure that it’s handcrafted. Put love and care into it, you’re going to end up with a much better product than something mass produced in a factory.”

Learn about the ideal conditions for growing horseradish as Mark gets nerdy talking about soil varieties. Once they’ve grown the best product, hear about the importance of partnership and collaboration in working with retailers to bring the product to market.

“We’re on a journey together, we’re going to provide really good service, we’re going to provide quite a bit of education along the way.”

Speaking of that education, that’s a big strategy for the Dennis’ team as they work to appeal to new target markets and to a wider variety of dishes and recipes beyond the traditional ‘Sunday night roast beef’. Listen as Mark dishes on some of the amazing health benefits and possible pairings for horseradish.

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