Fancy Farmerettes

Little Luxuries with Big Eco Impact

We recently had the opportunity to meet with the incredible team and tour the beautiful grounds of the Fancy Farmerettes. These big city gals turned micro-farmers value Environmental Sustainability, Animal Welfare, Supporting Local, and Building Community in all that they do. Their passion was clear as they showed us around their on-site apiary, homey chicken coop, gardens, and property complete with an extensive array of pollinator and native plants.

"Environmental sustainability is really the force behind our business."

Everything that they do is intentional in prioritizing first their animals, then the environment, and then their products. They offer a variety of bee products including honey and candles, hemp hurd, poultry products and merchandise. Every aspect, right down to the packaging is purposefully selected to ensure it meets their needs and aligns with their values through every step of the process.

They’re property is proudly certified as a Wildlife Friendly Habitat with the Canadian Wildlife Federation and the American National Wildlife Federation. A goal that they worked hard through a process of applications to achieve. It’s just one more step to show that they truly treasure and value the environment and animals which they interact with on their farm.

"We really started to connect with a lot of people, and we feel connected to our neighbours and other businesses in the area."

Just like the bees in their on-site and satellite apiaries, the Fancy Farmerettes are focused on building community through their farming practices, products offerings, and partnerships.

We’re proud to offer customized agriculture protections, to ensure safety and piece of mind where it matters most. From the fanciest flock to the queen bee.

Fancy Farmerettes are members doing amazing things through our Broker Partners, Morison Insurance.