A fresh approach to Insurance

Nova Mutual Agency Manager, Stacey Aitchison is leading her team of Agents with a new and fresh approach to serving our Members. Stacey and I chatted a bit about what she’s proud of the most. 

1. Great Relationships with Members

Stacey says one of the best things about Nova Mutual Agents is the trusting relationships they build with our Members over time. “Members can trust that their Agent focuses on understanding them as a person or as a family, and therefore can provide truly customized insurance solutions.” She explained. When your whole lifestyle is insured with Nova Mutual- your Agent becomes your Insurance Touch- Point and is always there to assist. No need to memorize a bunch of different names or numbers to be able to get the things you need.

2. Agents are One Number Away

…or one email. You decide. Expanding on the above, Stacey says “when you have all of your policies with one agent, you only have to make one phone call- to the same person who you trust with your Insurance Advice.” She’s absolutely right.  Were your roof shingles damaged in a storm? Call your Agent. Need insurance for your new SUV? Agent. Buying an income property? You guessed it: Agent!

3. We’re here for U through and through

Stacey also pointed out that Members really feel the benefit of having a dedicated Agent when they experience a life event such as moving, getting married, or maybe downsizing a family home in the retirement years. “Life changes are already very time consuming; Members don’t have to make multiple calls to multiple people to sort out these changes in their Insurance needs. They just call their Agent!”

4. Our Brand-New Facility

“Our neighbours in Jarvis and Members that come to see us have been so patient with all of the construction at our office. We’re in full-on renovation mode right now but it’s going to be so worth it.” I couldn’t agree more with Stacey. We’ve been working hard to create spaces for our team and Members that are inspiring, fresh and comfortable. Stacey added, “One of the things I’m most proud of is the updates to improve our building’s accessibility.” I’m excited about that, too. We have a brand-new ramp and front entryway and our restrooms will be fully accessible and non-gendered.

5. We’re Local to our Clients

 Stacey told me that Agents often bump into Members at the grocery store or the arena. “We’re not just a person in some arbitrary high rise building somewhere. We’re living and working alongside you. Our kids may even go to school together!” Stacey said. This also helps when our Members need to meet with Agents in-person. We can meet you where you are; whether that’s at home or at a coffee shop. “Living and working in the communities where our Members are makes us better Agents because we share your understanding of this area and what it means to live in rural Southern Ontario.” Stacey added.

It’s always a pleasure spending time at our Jarvis office and catching up with our Agents, but don’t take my word for it- call them yourself and find out why working with a Nova Mutual Insurance Agent could be right for you.


Written By: Gloria Field, Member Experience & Communications Specialist for Nova Mutual