Generations Marketplace & Learning Centre

Experience the farm

Your country neighbourhood marketplace

Today on our Member Uplift series we welcome Heidi from Generations Marketplace and Learning Centre. She joins us to chat about her 5th generation family farm and how she honours it’s history while adding her own modern spin. Sustainable living, farm to table freshness, locally handcrafted items, and freshly baked goods – learn about their offerings, and how they also go beyond the marketplace to involve and teach the community.

“We are trying to bring back people into the gardens and knowing where their produce comes from, connecting to it, having a hands-on experience. Also giving them tools and training through our workshops and our classes on what they can do with those items afterwards.”

In the modern world of fast and convenient, Generations is taking the time to highlight the importance of reconnecting with the land, understanding where everything comes from, and how it all works together. They offer a variety of classes and tours including Beginner Gardening classes, Farm Animal and Garden Tours, providing anyone with a chance to explore the farm and learn some tips and tricks.

“We are working with our animals and the fields and the gardens where they grow. We are putting more into enriching our environment than taking away from it. Everything can work hand in hand.”

Tune in to learn more about how they connect with the community to provide not only a marketplace, but also an opportunity to experience and learn about life on the farm.

Learn more about Generations Marketplace and check out their amazing offerings: