Goldfarm Canada


Today on our Member Uplift series, we chat with Jacob Goldfarb, owner of Goldfarm Canada, a vertical farm specializing in microgreens and edible flowers. Located in downtown Guelph, they focus on sustainable and socially responsible farming. Their “hyper local” growing methods allow them to ensure the freshest, most delicious product possible, delivered within hours of harvest – year-round!

“Ultimately this is just a job that I can really relate to and feel passionate about. It’s not just a job, it’s something that I really love.”

In this episode Jacob helps us to dive deeper into what vertical farming means and explains just how small their operation really is. He’ll talk about finding the positive while navigating a small business through uncertain times. We’ll learn what socially responsible farming means to Goldfarm, and how they continually evolve to ensure that remains a focus.

“You will not find fresher local greens. You’re not only supporting us as a business, but you’re supporting independent local grocers, so, it’s a win for everybody.”

Listen as Jacob highlights the importance of community, connection, and collaboration. Goldfarm strives to make a positive impact to the community through partnerships and relationships including weekly donations to The Seed (Guelph’s local food bank organization), and involvement in the City of Guelph’s endeavor of creating a Circular Food Economy.

“Being a local business is all about supporting community.”

A glance through the @Goldfarm_Canada Instagram feed will quickly highlight some of the incredible ways their greens are utilized to elevate the plate, and the connection between them and their clients. Part of nurturing those relationships is reposting and sharing to support and showcase the amazing talent behind these beautiful dishes.

“This business, the crux of this is really about relationships. The reason why we’re able to position ourselves the way we do is that we pride ourselves on our ability to nurture these relationships.”