Groundswell Coworking

“A cool, fun place to work with some of the most forward-thinking minds around.”

Today on our Member Uplift series Adam from Groundswell chats all things coworking, collaboration and community! An idea and business plan born out of a local contest, he explains what coworking means, and how it brings people together, independently.

"If you can lean into your power, and then collaborate with others to bring in their powers, everybody goes farther faster."

Learn how Groundswell Coworking enables its members to foster friendships and working relationships to create a web of freelancers connecting all across different places and industries. It’s all about finding the commonality and inspiration around you and lifting each other up, based on everyone’s unique strengths. Groundswell sets itself apart as a coworking space by approaching everything with a human first perspective, offering expertise, support, and encouragement.

“Productivity, energy, health, professional development, community – doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, everybody needs those things. Every career needs that feeling and that sense of belonging.”

Being located on one of the busiest intersections in the heart of Simcoe, Groundswell has immersed themselves in the downtown core and the community as a whole. The location has become home, or a happy place for a lot of people, and has brought 50 plus different business to downtown Simcoe. Groundswell actively advocates for the community and is at the forefront of the revitalization of the area, with a ground level view watching it all unfold.

“That’s an amazing success to us when we can bring people together, not only to have a fun, energizing, productive place to work but to allow people to lift their own businesses, and especially right here in our community.”

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