Healthy and Accessible Food for All

Our next stop in Niagara Falls was an incredible asset to their neighbourhood, Grow Community Food Literacy Centre. We spoke with Jonna, Community Engagement Manager and Rose, Market Manager to learn more about their incredible offerings.

“We’re going to change how we look at food security 

Grow focuses on increasing food security in two ways – access and education. Ensuring access to healthy, local food, and providing the information and skills to support healthy eating and making healthy choices

Grow’s low-cost weekly market makes fresh and healthy food more accessible to those living on low incomes. They offer a vibrant spread of fresh produce, meats, dairy, eggs, and pantry items for their members to select from.

In addition to this, they have a community kitchen with opportunities to cook and share nutritious food while building community and reducing social isolation. Grow’s variety of food skills programs provide knowledge, tools, and confidence to prepare healthy food for themselves and their families

We are proud of our many amazing members, and our ability to customize solutions as unique as they are. Interested in learning more?