Through our continued search for cutting-edge products and services to keep what’s important to you safe, we’ve added another strategic partnership to our AgriSafe line of offerings. We’re proud to introduce IntelliCulture – Farm Management. Simplified. Prevent pest outbreaks, increase labour efficiency, automate machine management

The IntelliCulture software suite collects data from your agricultural equipment and provides insightful recommendations in the following 3 areas:


Fleet Monitoring​

Alerts of machine issues and automates maintenance planning, minimizing and preventing downtime in your fleet.


Crop Monitoring

Digitizes cycle planning and task schedules and warns of overdue or inefficient work, ensuring optimized use of labour and proper crop tending.


In-Cab Monitoring

Prevent pest and mildew outbreaks on your crops through real-time spray visualization and alerting.

IntelliCulture is built for the farm, eliminating the need for manual tracking and planning through a simple plug and go device. Now you can plan and run your operation with the click of a button. It provides a real-time view of your fleet of equipment, a critical summary of what’s been done on your farm, and insightful predictions on large investments helping you to plan season to season.

Reach out to your agent or broker today to learn more about this software solution, to keep your operations running smoothly and effectively.