Jarvis Light Up

From a friendly competition to a community craze, Jarvis Light Up 2022 is putting our backyard on the map this holiday season.

Driving through Jarvis, you would imagine this holiday tradition has been around for decades. What started only two years ago during the pandemic has quickly spread to over 400 homes and local businesses, illuminating Jarvis with holiday joy.

Drive through the neighbourhoods of Jarvis and surrounding communities and enjoy a free self-guided tour of Christmas lights with some photo opportunities along the way. Make sure to stop by our neighbours, Michaud Toys, featuring many light displays from shooting stars, a tunnel of lights, and a massive Christmas tree.

The Jarvis Light Up 2022 Checklist:

  • Dress warm and visible; you might want to walk around town
  • Don’t forget some warm holiday beverages for the self-guided tour
  • Bring your phone or camera; there are some great photo opportunities
  • The streets will be busier than usual; use extra caution when driving

Jarvis Light Up started only two years ago as a competition among friends, a reason to get outside and enjoy the community. This year’s festivities have over 400 homes registered for a self-guided tour from December 12th to January 1st. All the local homes registered will have the opportunity to win cash prizes, trophies for their district and holiday bragging rights. The winners will be announced on December 16th during the Jarvis Rumble Musical Fireworks show.

Thank you to all the local businesses and homeowners of Jarvis for taking pride in our community and celebrating Christmas cheer. Nova Mutual is a proud community sponsor of Jarvis Light Up 2022.

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