Joy Bakery Cafe

Joy Bakery Café is a family-owned café at the edge of downtown Simcoe. They offer a variety of direct trade teas and coffees and freshly baked family recipes, in the heart of Norfolk. In addition to offering the best chocolate chip cookies around, they are also giving back in a pretty wonderful way

We worked hard to be different than everyone else. Right away I knew when we opened that everything had to be compostable, and as green as possible. Everything from our straws right from the beginning, to our cold cups.

They are passionate about the environment and do everything they can to be sustainable and environmentally conscious. They use compostable packaging, local sourcing, purposeful recycling and more. Each year they plant saplings to help offset their unavoidable carbon footprint.

This year, with the help of TriTree Reforestation and the generous land donation from Pieceful Arts and Generations Marketplace, they were able to plant 567 trees locally. With a goal of planting a tree for each day that they are open, this brings their grand total to 2319 trees to date!

Each March they celebrate Tree Month, offering special deals and tree themed “tree-ats” with proceeds going directly towards buying and planting future trees. The perfect excuse to indulge, while helping this amazing project.

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