How to keep the kids entertained at home: 10 fun ideas from the parents at Nova

Are you tapped out on fun things to do with the kids between virtual classes? Our team at Nova embraces the virtual lifestyle and has become very agile when it comes to dealing with restrictions. We asked some of the Nova Mutual Moms and Dads how they keep their families entertained, and we got some incredibly creative ideas we just had to share with U.

#1 Get outside and mix up some fun and fresh air

Break up the virtual learning/screen time with some fresh air! Go for a walk, or when the snow sticks, do some sledding or build a snowman. When it gets frigid, take science class outside for fun frozen bubble experiments! A fun craft idea submitted to us by Michael Rzepczyk; make some outdoor furniture for your backyard woodland creatures. Then, treat yourselves to some hot chocolate during your next class. We won’t judge how many marshmallows U take. It’s no secret, fresh air and vitamin D are so helpful when it comes to anyone’s mental health.

#2 Dust off the card games and board games

Step away from the screen with a quick card game or board game. Keep it light and fun and shake off any technical frustrations that might have come up during virtual learning! If you are looking for suggestions, reach out to your local board game shop to find the best options for any age group. We suggest our friends over at Xtra Life Toys & Games in Simcoe. Board games are a great way to unlock creativity and promote lateral thinking.

#3 Lego connections

What kid (young or old) doesn’t love a good Lego break. Connect with your kids and watch their imaginations soar as they enhance their fine-motor skills. Brick by brick, you get to relive nostalgic moments as your children engineer new ones.

#4 Create an immersive play experience

This idea comes from team member Lisa Budzianowski and might be one of the most fun on the list. Lisa suggests turning on “Heavy Rescue 401” and letting your kids act out the accidents with their toys. Encouraging the details can be a great exercise in imagination and improvisation – don’t forget to get involved sometimes!

#5 Take a trip to Narnia; build a fort

Grab all the blankets, pillows and couch cushions – it’s fort building time. Create a special day to build a fort and take an adventure; play games, write stories, make crafts, read books, take naps – it’s your family’s fortress!

#6 Pump up the jam; Impromptu dance parties

“Hey Google!”

“Play Spice Girls Greatest hits.”

#7 Pizza & Movie party night

Without going many places, it’s hard to build excitement and anticipation. Team member Jessica Lymburner explains that having a family pizza night gives excitement throughout the week and something to look forward to. Mix it up from week to week, make the pizza at home or support your favourite take-out. Alternate who gets to pick the movie each week. Have you ever played pizza roulette? Write all your favourite toppings on some paper, dump them into a hat and pick 3!

#8 Art Attack

Pull out your favourite paints, pencil crayons, pastels and challenge the family to an “Art Attack.” For each Art Attack, give your family a fun and simple theme. Here are some suggestions from Member Experience Director Steph Grhule: draw each other, draw something that makes you happy, draw a pizza.

#9 Create a meaningful craft

We’re all dealing with challenging times, and uplifting one another is so important. Your children might know of someone going through a tough time or someone who has achieved something incredible. A great lesson to teach them is to create a homemade card reflecting on an accomplishment or showing some gratitude. Bonus points if you can safely hand-deliver your handmade greeting card.

#10 Puppet Theater

You’re right – can YouTube unbox any more things? You’ve also probably watched all of Disney Plus. There is so much fun bringing an inanimate object to life; a toilet paper roll, a sock, a plastic fork, a tissue box, a juice container – add eyes (googly, drawn, buttons, bottle caps), and you’ve got something. When your kids make a puppet show, they become art directors, set designers, puppeteers, actors, writers and directors.

These are just 10 of the imaginative ideas the team at Nova Mutual submitted. We know times are complex, and somedays it might be hard to keep everyone at home entertained. Hopefully, you can use one of these ideas, or they helped you unlock some of your own.

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These ideas were contributed by:

  • Phil Moura, CIO
  • Jessica Lymburner, Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Lisa Budzianowski, Employee Experience Specialist
  • Steph Grhule, Member Experience Director
  • Michael Rzepczyk, Claims Adjuster

Written and compiled by:

  • Graeme Reed, Brand Production Specialist