Keep your unoccupied space safe!

With Ontario recently extending its shut down orders – visiting your cottage, rental property, or business may not look the same as it used to. While some businesses have been able to adapt to this ‘new normal’ by providing pick-up or delivery options – we recognize that may not work for all. If your business is not open daily – to your staff or the public: here are a few tips and tricks to maintain minimal operations and keep your unoccupied space safe.

1. Visit the property regularly and keep track of those check-ins

Ask a local staff member, trusted neighbour, or take the responsibility on yourself to visit the property at least every few days.  Make sure you record the date and time that you’re there and the state of the building and equipment.

2. Check your systems

Do all of your alarm systems have power? Are they working? Test your video cameras (inside and out), security alarms, as well as fire and Carbon Dioxide detectors.

3. U Need Utilities

It’s important to maintain your utilities even if you’re not using the building at the moment – give the toilet a flush, flick the lights on and off and consider putting some lights on timers.

4. Hazards-to-be

Walk around the property – check to make sure there isn’t anything blocking doors, fire hydrants, or gates. Make sure U have a plan for mail delivery and lock up when U leave.

Today’s circumstances may leave a building unexpectedly vacant or uninhabited, but following a few simple steps can help keep your unoccupied space protected.

As always – if you have any questions or concerns – please reach out to your Broker or Agent; we’re all here for U.

Written by Jess Lymburner