Meet Nova Finance

Same Team. Fresh Look.

As Nova Mutual evolves, so do our People and our Teams. Glenn Pick, CFO, Liane Varga, Financial Controller, and Karen Howard, Financial Operations Lead make up the Finance Team and are an essential service here at Nova. They take care of core accounting duties like payroll, AR and AP, but we also rely on their expertise in budgeting, planning, managing investments, overseeing audits and more. They are a resource to our entire organization, to our Broker Partners, and other external stakeholders.

A self-led team powered by collaboration and resourcefulness, Nova Finance acts as that final checkpoint for our internal processes since, as CFO Glenn Pick puts it, “Everything about Nova ends up in Finance.” This reality is one that Glenn wants to empower our Teams with, instead of it being something people might be afraid of. “We want to make sure our People feel comfortable to call us with questions. They can trust that we’ll be there to support them. And, no – they’re not bothering us by asking for help.” Glenn, Liane, and Karen are here to support our Team and our Broker Partners and are always ready to work with you.

“Everything about Nova lands in Finance.”

Did U Know? A traditional mutual insurance company is structured as a non-profit. Nova Mutual takes a contemporary approach in this space, setting unique growth targets and placing a focus on profitability. Our 2020-2023 Strategic direction has enabled us to operate profitably. This profitability allows us to provide our members substantially more value and continue to give back to our communities in substantial and meaningful ways.

More exciting news! Glenn is pleased to announce that Karen Howard has accepted a new appointment and promotion as Financial Operations Lead! Karen’s dedication to Nova and her high standards within the Finance Team has not gone unnoticed.