Meet the Underwriter – Brent Roloson

This week on Uplift, we chat with Brent Roloson, Senior Underwriter on our Agribusiness team. Listen as he talks about the Mutual experience, and then dives into all things Ag.

“The mutual world has always reminded me of smaller community, kind of like a family-oriented workspace. I’ve really taken that to heart throughout the years and enjoy that aspect of the business.”

Learn how he puts an individual focus on each and every policy he underwrites. Everything from small hobby farms, confined livestock, to full fruit and vegetable operations, right in the heart of Ontario’s garden.

“We get to put that personal touch on everybody’s policy. It gets that full review, that outside of the box thinking which really helps when it comes to making the right decision for them.” 

Brent talks about collaborating with a variety of partners to ensure our wordings and coverages are kept current with changing technology, including a partnership with PrevTech to help mitigate large losses. With so many different types of coverages, it’s important to customize and fill the void, and Brent is up for the challenge!

There’s always something different, something special that comes along that interests you and puts that spark in you to kind of want to go a little bit above and beyond to meet those needs of our policyholders.”

Do you have a question, or something you’d like to learn more about from our #AgribusinessUnderwriting team? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for future #AskTheUnderwriter episodes!  

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