My Truth and Reconciliation Journey – Steph Gruhle

I was born and raised in Brantford. . Though it was home to the Mohawk Institute, I grew up with little to no education or knowledge of residential schools.

My Truth & Reconciliation journey of educating myself has grown over the last decade as I have become a mother to 4 children.

It is my goal to raise good, kind humans. To encourage them to be socially aware, to empathize with others including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and to understand the world around them. To learn and grow with them. I believe this begins at a young age and have never shied away from discussing things going on in the world with them. It is important to me to provide my children with a safe space to have hard conversations and ask tough questions.

When things happen in the world, and I’m faced with these questions, I don’t always know how to answer them myself. Oftentimes we turn to books which provide us incredible, age-appropriate information and help to open important conversations.

Here is a book that I found to be a very powerful and eye-opening resource for myself, written by someone my age, who grew up on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve and in Brantford

A Mind Spread Out On The Ground
Alicia Elliott

Here are a few of the books that we have read together to start learning about Orange Shirt Day, Residential Schools, and National Indigenous History Month.

Book Suggestions

Phyllis’s Orange Shirt
Phyllis Webstad

Go Show the World
Wab Kinew

I Am Not A Number Jenny Kay Dupuis & Kathy Kacer

The Kids Book of Aboriginal People in Canada Diane Silvey