Norfolk BBQ

From ‘the Folk’ to your Folk

Now that patio season is finally here, it’s time to fire up the grill and get saucy! Joining us today on our Member Uplift series is Chad Steele of Norfolk BBQ! Chad dishes on how this passion project got started, his love of local and all that Norfolk County has to offer, and even takes us back in time with some of the history of BBQ.

“Sometimes you gotta make lemonade out of lemons, right? That’s how it kind of started.”

What started as a personal passion grew into a full-blown business after seeing a post from a local retailer – The Barntique. When Chad finally found some time to put into scaling up this project, he also realized a market for it in the community, so he looked for the positive, and started making lemonade, so to speak.

“Be as best of an ambassador to the county as I can, just let people know what we do here, what we produce.”

Located in the heart of Norfolk County, Norfolk BBQ really highlights the area, what it has to offer, and the incredible people and places within it. More than just sauce, it’s a collaboration of community working together to uplift each other. Chad excitedly chats about his many connections from getting his maple syrup at Chambers Maple Shop to locally sourcing his apple cider and apple cider vinegar at Kent Creek Orchards and The Cider Keg, to purchasing strawberry juice from Meadowlynn Farms. He eagerly shares some of the incredible local butchers that allow him to place special orders for specific cuts, like VG Meats, Townsend Butchers, and Vanessa Meats. A quick scan of his mouthwatering Instagram page will showcase many more local stops to add to your ‘must visit’ list.

“I think the great thing about here in Norfolk is we have such an abundance of agricultural products. I wanted to support the local farms as best I could.”

Learn more about Norfolk BBQ and check out their savoury sauces: