Norfolk County Fair

We are proud to be a long-time sponsor of the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show, every October. It is Ontario’s oldest agricultural fair, as well as one of the largest fairs in Ontario! It opens with Young Canada Day – a celebration of students from all of Norfolk’s Secondary Schools attending and competing in various events for the coveted Spirit Award. There is also an Opening Ceremony, where a local community member is selected to cut the ribbon and open the fair. This year it happened to be one of our amazing agri-business members!

We were happy to attend both kickoff events. We wanted to highlight the amazing story of the multi-generational dedication of the Pond family who started the Young Canada Day tradition of involving local high schools, and who continue to volunteer each year to lead and MC the event.

The fair boasts over 15,000 entries into various competitions, multiple days of concerts, 5 days of motorsports, educational programs attracting students from near and far, and over 115,000 visitors annually over this weeklong celebration of Norfolk’s heritage and culture.

A large and important part of the Norfolk County Fair and Horseshow is celebrating its agricultural roots. Grade 4 classes from across the County and beyond attend Agriculture Awareness Day at the fairgrounds. They get to see live demonstrations including sheep shearing and cow milking and learn all about our area agriculture with presentations from local farmers. The fair also features 7 days of Horse and Livestock Shows and many 4-H Award Ceremonies.

The many demonstrations, ceremonies and events would not happen without the countless number of dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to pull it off. So many of the hundreds of volunteers, like the Judd’s, make it a true family effort, giving their time year after year to ensure it’s success.

We are so proud to be Grand Champion Sponsors of this event that brings the community together. The fair is a true celebration of the very best that Norfolk County has to offer. It’s a gathering place for locals, visitors, and those returning home. It’s a spirit, an energy, a feeling. Deeply rooted in family, community and tradition… it is home.