Norfolk County Fire

Team Nova, along with some of our mini team members, were lucky to have the chance to visit and tour the Waterford Fire Station to learn more about what it means to be a Volunteer Firefighter, and how they give back to the communities they serve.

On top of daily life and responsibilities, full time jobs and families, Volunteer Firefighters commit to answering the call, responding, and giving back to their community. 

"They're committed to the community and ready to answer the call."

We had the opportunity to meet and chat with Kelly, Doug, Dave and Cory of Waterford, Simcoe, and Delhi Stations. They each explained some important tips for staying safe, including ensuring smoke alarms are always installed, tested, and kept up to date and operational. They also talked about the importance of a household Fire Escape Plan. 

A Fire Safety or Escape Plan can include the following:

Thanks so much to Kelly, Doug, Dave and Cory for having us, showing us around, sharing some great tips and safety advice, and for all that you and your crews do!