The Art of Collaboration

Are you a team player? Is it your way or the highway – or are you open to a new perspective?

This week’s remixed episode of Uplift is all about the art of collaboration and how we can go from great to awesome together. You will hear from 4 different perspectives on how working together increases results. Effective collaboration comes in various forms; you will listen to how Nova Mutual’s brand, employee experience, and claims teams collaborate differently.

Team Nova shares their thoughts on:

  • What are the values of a great collaborator?
  • What produces negative results when working in a group?
  • Collaboration Misconceptions
  • Why reflecting on projects, good or bad, is essential.
  • How to find a fantastic collaborator
  • The behind the scenes collaboration that happens for a policyholder

How Culture encourages Constructive Collaboration:

Nova Mutual has a flat structure with self-led teams. The leadership team’s role is to remove roadblocks, not create them. Not being burdened by micromanagement – the Nova team can collaborate freely and openly with confidence. Having a brilliant IT team, using the newest tools available and understanding how individuals interact with each other in 2022 (instant messaging and video meetings) give Nova the perfect playground to collaborate safely.

Trust over Ego:

If you’ve listened to this week’s podcast episode, you would have heard unanimously, the key characteristic that makes a quality collaborator or team member is trust. Before you can brainstorm the next excellent idea, you need to put confidence in your team’s ability, views and opinions. When you stop trusting and start believing your perspective is the best, you’ve stopped collaborating and let your ego come out to play. It’s important to trust yourself; being fearful of sharing is the other side of our ego not allowing us to be our best. The best ideas are always a remix – make your mixtape.

Perspectives featured in this episode:

Sue Rivard, Employee Experience Director

One of Sue’s skills is finding the perfect team member to join Nova Mutual. Knowing and understanding the existing unit and how they work together, whether any of our teams, from claims to finance, Sue sources top talent that will naturally fit.

Steph Gruhle, Member Experience Director

Recently added to the team, Steph works closely with Nova’s Creative Crew to uplift our policyholders through modern media. Steph has a professional background in advertising and compelling copywriting.

Shane Drever, Digital Media Specialist

Nova’s resident visual storyteller, Shane, is the art director behind Nova Mutual’s Brand. With a knack for listening to a group of ideas and effectively telling that story through art. Murals, animation, paintings, interactive media – Shane is limitless.

Rachel Bennet, Accident Benefit Adjuster

When you get in an accident, Rachel is the superstar to help get you back into your condition before the incident. A lot happens behind the scenes quickly and effectively among vendors and you during these challenging times. Rachel is there to make this process easy and frictionless.

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