The Undeniable Value of Auto Insurance

Of course, being fully insured to operate a vehicle is crucial; we cannot legally operate a car without proper insurance, but how does your auto insurance company compare to other providers?

Dime a Dozen

Auto insurance is one of the most sold products available on the market, as it seems that you cannot drive anywhere without passing a certified broker or underwriter. While it may seem overwhelming to choose an insurance company to work with, don’t just consider the products and coverage they offer, but take into consideration the service they provide as well!

Put Customers First

We are committed to providing the best experience for our clients, no matter the situation they find themselves in. Managing the aftermath of an accident, collision, or even damages made to a vehicle due to weather or vandalism can be challenging to navigate. Our team understands this and ensures that all can be done to help you through this process.

When one of our members was in a car accident, she decided to rent a vehicle as, we all know, life doesn’t stop! This individual was then in another collision, which was not her fault. We couldn’t imagine what she was going through, but we knew we needed to help as she had an important medical appointment to attend out of town.

After speaking with a local car rental company, our claims representative was unable to locate a vehicle, as all were previously booked. Our claims agent did not stop searching, however, and stayed after-hours to arrange transportation for our member. Not only was she able to attend her medical appointment, but this process did not affect her financially as we covered all additional costs.

Understand Your Needs

An accident or collision can happen any time and anywhere. Potholes, rough roads, distracted drivers, and harsh weather conditions can damage your vehicle, leaving it unsafe to operate for both yourself and others on the road. We all have somewhere to go and places to be, but we also owe it to ourselves and those we share the road with, to act responsibly and be fully covered.

Whether you cause a collision or are involved in an accident, know that you can rely on your insurance company whether you are at-fault or not. If you are in the process of choosing an insurance company, ask yourself if they would be willing to go above and beyond for your well-being and safety. Know that with Nova Mutual, we can confidently answer, “Yes!”

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