Third Space

A place for everyone.

Team Nova hit the road again, heading off to visit Niagara Falls! Our first stop – an inspiring social enterprise, Third Space Café where we got to chat with Executive Director Lisa VanderKlippe. First, we got to check out the amazing space, bright and full of life with a variety of local artisan’s work featured and for sale all around the welcoming café. Then, we each enjoyed some delicious locally roasted coffees, and purchased some Suspended Coffees for next time they are needed.

As we spoke with Lisa we learned more about the café’s offerings, programs, purpose, and how it truly supports and uplifts the community around it. With a focus on addressing food insecurity and housing issues in the area, Third Space provides the full dining experience, serving food and a coffee or tea to anyone who needs it during their morning breakfast program. They lead with compassion and provide dignity while prioritizing social change. Third Space Café provides a safe place to find community and connection, to engage, discover, create, and learn.

“Third Space Café is a community effort.”

From their locally sourced coffee from Black Sheep in Welland, cereal from Post Foods, eggs from the Egg Farmers of Ontario, partnerships with other food banks and programs, and many volunteers, Third Space Café is truly built on collaboration and community. 

We are proud of our many amazing members, and our ability to customize solutions as unique as they are. Interested in learning more?