Unwrapping a Year of Uplifts

When we think about Uplifting the Community, the Team at Nova Mutual has created a big impact this year. From providing virtual support, embracing the arts, and recognizing local leaders, we’ve been able to fill our cups by helping U. As we reach the end of 2021, we figured it was the perfect time to reflect on some of the Team’s Uplifting highlights.

Spectrum Gym Mural Project

In 2021 Nova was able to help produce two incredible community murals. Our first Mural project was a true collaboration of our policyholders – Art with Heart Studios and Spectrum Gymnastics, in Simcoe, ON. Teagan Fitch, Owner of Spectrum, is a true champion of change, and Nova wanted to help Uplift her business. Our Team had learned she dreamed of a mural at the entrance of her gym – so we waved our magic wand and brought in the team at Art with Heart Studios. Be sure to check out this massive mural depicting an all-inclusive world, embracing all abilities. If you grab a picture, be sure to tag us on social!

Jarvis Mural Project

Nova is made up of unique individuals with incredible talents. For our second community mural, we looked within our Team’s skills and had Digital Media Specialist Shane Drever create art in our backyard of Jarvis. Working together with our broker partners, Haldimand Insurance Brokers, we were able to showcase the history of Jarvis.

Shannon's Cell Mates

It’s wild to think we are approaching year 3 of the pandemic. Looking back to the start of the year, we can think of a bright moment of hope when the community started to come out of their homes and celebrate again. Charging right past our office in Jarvis was Brad Adams on his horse, helping build awareness for Shannon Adam’s need for a stem cell transplant. Talk about a real-life hallmark moment.

Happy Dog Care

Our brand team is hyper-creative and always coming up with extraordinary ways to Uplift local champions. We caught a print ad of young entrepreneur Sloan of Happy Dog Care; an ambitious young business owner looking to grow her dog walking business. Our brand team took her hand-crafted print ad and created a tv commercial to share all over social media. We couldn’t have been happier to help a local start-up!

Creative Candidate Night

When the community needs help Nova leans into our creativity and Uplift’s in unique ways. The Delhi District Chamber of Commerce is a community partner that we hold near and dear to our hearts. With the Ward 2 election, the Chamber was looking for a creative way to host the Candidate night to ensure the Candidates had the opportunity to give their message and the residents of Ward 2 were able to receive that message. Nova was happy to lend our support and Zoom capabilities to host a virtual Candidate night.

Summer Concert Series

Connection has been an ongoing challenge as we navigate the ongoing pandemic. One thing that connects people in a beautiful way is music. In 2021 Nova was truly honoured to support musicians, and the communities who missed hearing them play. Through our ongoing partnership with Burning Kiln Winery, we were able to sponsor the Summer Concert Series allowing our talented local musicians to perform for the community, who gathered on the lawn to embrace the experience. This is a beautiful example of how dollars can go a long way, the sponsorship gave Burning Kiln the opportunity to add more artist and extend the weekends into the fall season.

Niagara Symphony Orchestra @ San Marcos Ristorante

In times of crisis, art and music have brought forward a sense of community and togetherness, something we all need. Nova is proud to Uplift the community of Port Colborne, The Niagara Symphony Orchestra and San Marcos Ristorante with a night of exceptional music paired with fine Italian fare. We could not have completed the project without the help of Mark Guilbeault and Associates who went above and beyond in making the night a success.

Peer Support Team

Another #WorkingTogetherMatters partnership, the Peer Support Team with Norfolk County Paramedics provides a safe and trusting environment where colleagues can access psychological supports in response to the traumatic nature of the job. In addition to financial support, Nova was able to provide support in the way of bringing awareness through Uplift and Social Media awareness and creating branded materials to provide other prospective funders and encourage donations.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Footsteps for Families

Once again, we were honoured and proud to sponsor Ronald McDonald House Charities Footsteps for Families event. This virtual event took place over 7 weeks with 20 teams and 78 participants from the RMHC community. The participants raised an amazing $80,000.00 for the charity. Nova was so excited to sponsor a week, and Uplift the participants with some playful gear.

Talented Team Members, Values, Strategic Goals and a Supportive Community are the tools that allow us the opportunity to give back in so many ways. Uplifting our community is something we take great pride in doing. Looking back on 2021 is a humbling experience, we have met some wonderful people, made beautiful connections and created long lasting memories that we are thankful for and happy to share with all of U. Launch into Nova Galaxy to see all of these stories and more. Follow along, get inspired and please share with us.

Throughout this past year, the Nova team has also celebrated some amazing personal wins that we are happy to look back on! From buying new homes or cottages (near and far), to family additions (furry and human!), weddings and more! We’ve grown our amazing team of people and are so grateful to look back on all that we’ve accomplished together.

Cheers to 2021, it’s been a slice. Welcome 2022, can’t wait to see what we will get up to.