Uplift Your Self Care

Uplift Your Self-Care

Does anyone feel they need a boost today? Like… a shot of espresso or maybe even something stronger? These are challenging times and self-care is a hot topic of conversation.  More than ever, we know that to be ‘healthy’ means so much more than just to be physically well; free of illness. It’s essential that we take care of our mental and emotional health as well. When we take care of all aspects ourselves, we are much more equipped to handle challenges in our careers and in our personal lives, and COVID seems to continue to blur the lines between those two worlds! Taking care of ourselves helps make us a better Team Member, a better colleague, a better family member, and a better friend.

In an effort to help shift you to a new level, Nova Mutual has asked me to share some self-care strategies in a webinar called, “Uplift Your Self-Care” on Thursday, February 11th.

Here’s a little taste of what I’ll be sharing:

Take Care of Yourself Physically

We’ve likely all heard of the many benefits of eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep but did you know that simple deep breathing can provide you with numerous health benefits as well as help alleviate anxiety? Deep breathing improves digestion, increases energy, and detoxifies our bodies. Now, that’s my kind of detox!

Another little secret in staying healthy is embracing the power of laughter. Studies show humour is a powerful healer. Find a way to find laughter in a situation and learn to laugh at yourself.  And if that fails, there is always the laughter provided by your favourite sitcom or stand-up comedian. What movie or comedian makes you laugh out loud every time?

“Thoughts become things.”

What many people don’t realize is that if we’re not taking care of one part of ourselves, the other parts suffer. For example, if we’re not taking care of ourselves mentally and/or emotionally, our physical bodies can be more inclined to become sick. Plenty of research validates the mind-body connection and it’s clear that we benefit by becoming conscious of our thoughts and feelings because they do impact our health.

Taking care of ourselves mentally can mean doing things like decluttering a la Marie Kondo, or even learning a new skill. Doing these types of things stimulates our minds and helps our decision-making and problem-solving skills, and not to mention may land you a tidier closet or kitchen to boot! Who can argue with that?!

Another suggestion for us to become aware of our screen time or even doing a social media fast. Our health is deeply connected to everything we’re taking in. Consider pausing for a moment and asking yourself how you feel after scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. How do you feel after watching or reading the news? Do you feel good? Do you feel more hopeful and excited about your life or do you feel the opposite? None of these activities are totally harmful, per se, however it is key that we are aware of what we are consuming…  We practice self-love and self-care when we consider what we are exposing our selves to.

Taking Care of Yourself Emotionally

Through some really difficult times in my life, I’ve used the power of prayer and meditation for strength and healing. Maybe that’s not for you but incorporating mindfulness or positive self-talk may be.

And could it be that letting go of judgement, toxic relationships, fear, bitterness, guilt, shame, self-pity, and insecurity and other poisonous emotions would improve our emotional state to the point we are filled with strength, peace and joy?

Let’s do more than care for our bodies. Let’s nourish our minds and spirits and live the rich, fulfilling and vibrant lives we were created to live.

I look forward to having you joining me on February 11th to continue this discussion together.

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Written by Rhonda Reist, Broker Experience Director