Wherever, Whenever, Whatever

Wherever. Whenever. Whatever. A culture with many benefits for us and for U.

The Wherever, Whenever, Whatever culture started to provide U with the best service and flexibility possible, and to provide us with the empowerment to serve the community while still being a part of it! This allows us to work from ‘wherever’, including home.

The opportunity and ability to work from home is one of the many benefits of the Wherever, Whenever, Whatever culture we have here at Nova. It provides us with the ability to be business as usual, even during unexpected times. This ability to work from home is a privilege that is not taken for granted. There are so many unknowns in our society currently that the guarantee of logging in to work is a great comfort.

Working within the comfort of our own homes provides us with the opportunity to have a work set up that really suits us individually. Whether you work from a designated home office, from the dining room table beside the kids colouring pages, or curled up in bed next to your pets if it works for you…it works for us!

Although it may be difficult to find the balance between your work/home life now that you’re working from home. Your routine has changed. Your balance and flow will be found again, you will get your groove back, don’t worry.

You’re doing great while you learn along the way!

Our Nova team let us in on what working from home looks like for them, kids, dogs, partners and all!

Set a Routine!

Jess found herself starting her days earlier than she had before, “I’m up before the kids wake so that I can get some emails in before they need breakfast and my attention”. Scheduling your work from home days in blocks can help provide some organization. Set a routine, whether this looks like your normal work hours, or adjust them to fit your needs during this time.

Take Breaks!

Diana says, “breaks are used to balance house chores, laundry, cooking, cleaning….checks off a few of the weekly to-dos. Really makes a difference to the work/life balance”. That’s right, working from home gives you the power to do it all! Get that laundry in, get that dinner on the go, and remember to take time for U!

Take Time for U!

Whether it’s painting and art, baking and meal prepping, or just making life easier by getting ahead of the laundry, have fun while U do it! Our Tara says, ” I find myself making more specialized meals these days, with dessert even, instead of cooking out of the instant pot as much!” For Tara adding that special dessert is something for herself, for you, it may be just taking time to rest.

No matter what your work at home days look like know that U are doing amazing and we are #hereforU!