Why Nova Mutual pays a living wage

What does it mean?

In April, Nova Mutual shared that we had been named a Certified Living Wage Employer. To understand the significance of this certification, it is important to make the distinction that a living wage is not the same as a minimum wage.

A living wage reflects what people need to earn to cover the actual costs of living in their community. The calculations, made by the Ontario Living Wage Network, are based on community-specific data which determine the expenses of a family with two working adults and two children including:

  • shelter
  • food (i.e. supporting your toddlers Goldfish addiction)
  • childcare
  • clothing (they will stop growing – won’t they?!)
  • transportation
  • recreation (that Disney+ subscription isn’t cheap but it’s worth its weight in gold)
  • medical expenses
  • a modest vacation (it costs *how much* to rent a trailer for a week?)

This certification is re-evaluated on an annual basis when the Living Wage calculations are completed, adding another layer of accountability and oversight.

Culture by Design

Crafting a culture which puts employee experience at the forefront is a team effort at Nova Mutual. This project was spearheaded by our Executive Administrator, Jessica Lymburner, and the designation highlights our commitment to creating an environment where our team can thrive. Building a well-paid and supported workforce also empowers our team to use their free time to foster strong connections with their family, friends and within their community.

In short, when U are not worried about paying the bills, U can be more generous with your time, money and energy.

Find a Living Wage Employer Near U

We encourage U to use your buying power to support one of the many wonderful Living Wage Employers in Ontario. Perhaps buy a brew from our Haldimand neighbours Concession Road Brewing Co. this weekend? Or, if you’re in the Niagara region, pop into Beechwood Doughnuts for a sweet treat. For full list, visit the website here.

Written by E. Gibson, Brand Ambassador