Why Winter Tires?

Welcome to November!

Winter is just around the corner and it’s a good idea to start preparing for less than ideal driving conditions. Installing Winter Tires on your vehicle is one way you can help protect you and your passengers. In TRAC’s 2017 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study, 21 percent of those surveyed cited “cost” as a barrier to purchasing Winter Tires, but we’re here to tell you that they are absolutely a worthy spend.

All-Season doesn’t mean “All-Weather”:

According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, All-Season tires “do not meet the necessary snow traction requirements to be considered a winter tire, and therefore represent a compromise when it comes to tire choice for the winter months.”

Compromising yours and your family’s safety just isn’t worth it.

Not just for snow:

Winter tires are made for wet conditions- specifically designed to avoid hydroplaning. They are made from specialized rubber compounds and have specific tread patterns that provide extra traction than an all-season tire would when the mercury drops.

You don’t have to store them yourself:

Many tire shops offer off-season storage for your tires and rims at a nominal charge, and you’ll avoid lugging them to and from your tire shop every six months.

You can get a discount on your Car Insurance:

Sure, Winter Tires are an investment; but good investing pays off! Your Nova Mutual Agent or Broker can tell you how much you’ll save on your policy.

AWD/4WD isn’t enough:

AWD/4WD works by sending power to all four wheels; not just two. To be able to enjoy the benefits of AWD/4WD, each of those tires needs to be able to respond to road conditions in concert. If some tires are made of a different material, AWD/4WD cannot perform optimally.


Winter Driving can be treacherous but with safe driving coupled with a set of Winter Tires on your vehicle, your chances of avoiding an accident are greater. Contact your Nova Mutual Agent or Broker today to ask how you can save money on your car insurance by installing winter tires. We’re here for U.