Pay a bill

Use this form to make an online payment for your account with Nova Mutual Insurance Company. If you usually pay your Broker, please contact them directly and refrain from using this payment page.

Please note Nova Mutual only accepts Mastercard and Visa credit cards at this time. We do not currently accept American Express.

You can also sign up for monthly pre-authorized payments right from your bank account or credit card! Ask us today!

Sample Invoice

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Terms and Conditions

Your online payment will be reviewed and your account will be credited within two business days following your payment.

Your premium is due on or before the effective date. If payment is not received on the effective date of the policy, a notice will be sent indicating the late payment and potential policy cancellation.

If your policy was cancelled for non-payment of premium and your payment was made after the cancellation date, such payment may not reinstate your coverage.

Return & Refund Policy

When possible, Nova Mutual will void a overpayment when contacted, otherwise a refund cheque will be issued.

Changes & Cancellations

Our policyholders should contact their Agent or Broker for any policy changes or cancellations.