Whistleblower Policy

At Nova Mutual We Support Speaking Up!

Nova Mutual will always make every effort to do the right thing using good judgement and in the best interest of those we serve. Our Team Members are committed to providing a service to the community which embodies Nova Mutual’s values of Integrity, Respect and Courage.

At Nova Mutual we support a transparent and courageous culture where improper, unethical, or illegal conduct may be shared without fear of reprisal.

What You Might Report

Any action or suspected action of fraud, corruption or other illicit activity that may adversely affect Nova Mutual, our Team Members, Policy Holders, the Brokers, or the public at large is to be shared without fear of retaliation or negative impact.

Types of conduct which may be shared include (but are not limited to):

    • Financial Reporting.
    • Suspected Fraudulent or improver activity.
    • Retaliation or retribution against an individual who reports a concern.

What You Need To Know

    • Accounts of alleged violations or concerns are to be as factual as possible and contain as much detail as reasonably possible to allow for a proper examination.
    • We expect any concern or suspected concern will be made in good faith and have reasonable grounds.

What You Can Expect

    • Concerns raised in good faith will in no way result in retaliation or negative impact towards the person who reported the concern.
    • Accounts of concern will be evaluated to determine if it contains a reasonable basis for an examination.
    • In certain circumstances, concerns brought forward may not be fully reviewed should the information provided be insufficient or inadequate to warrant a proper assessment.
    • Cooperation from the Nova Mutual Leadership Team, auditor, external legal or accounting expertise may be used as required.
    • Unless necessary, every effort will be made to keep your identity confidential.

Where You Can Voice Your Concerns

Should U suspect conduct at Nova Mutual which is improper, unethical, or illegal we encourage you to email whistleblower@novamutual.com and the Governance Committee Chair of the Board of Directors will contact you to by email or phone to investigate.